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The Orgasm Handbook 2nd Edition is instruction based on a unique 15,000 woman survey - using pictures, audio and written instructions it will answer the question - "How do I make a girl cum?"


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* Learn 10 easy ways to make her cum (if you can learn to tie a shoe you can learn these)

* Learn foreplay techniques that 93% of women surveyed say is the
best way to please a woman --- (Most men could be become phenomenal lovers just by upping their game in this area)

* A finger to guide on how to sexually please a woman in bed

* A tongue guide on how to sexually please a woman in bed

* A foolproof way to find the gspot everytime

* Techniques to help her experience a gspot orgasm

 * Learn the secret directions to the gspot orgasm--- that work every time --- with any woman (Even if she's never had a gspot orgasm before) --- and rock her world

* #1 DEAD GIVEAWAY she's FAKING orgasms gspot--- and signs and signals she's truly aroused.

* What you can learn from a lesbian on how to make a woman cum (You'll feel their inner vaginal walls clamp down)

* The only two things you need to remember when doing
clitoris stimulation by tongue (Just 2 paragraphs to better sexual pleasure)

*  One way you should never use your tongue! (Women say this way hurts)...and the right way that never fails to pleasure

*  Discover the master key to make all sex positions better - give her more stimulation --- and trigger wave-after-wave of multiple, screaming orgasms & how to make all sex positions and orgasm

 * Learn the ONE simple key that separates INCREDIBLE oral sex from just 'yawn ho-hum' oral

* 3 stimulation techniques to make her cum in any situation (Standing up...in a car...in a bed...in a concert)

 * The #1 method 36% of women prefer to have orgasms --- (The
favorite part for sexual pleasure)

 * How to UNLEASH the most intense orgasm she's ever experienced - and blow-her-away (95% of women have never had one) - and become the absolute best she's ever had

 * Girlfriends respond to the question "How Do I Make My Girlfriend Cum" with these TOP RATED SEX POSITIONS for enhancing sexual pleasure

* Erotic gspot demonstration and diagram shows how to find your girls gspot

* The one finger g spot technique and the two finger g spot technique (when to use them and why)

 * The 5 most common causes of  orgasm dysfunction --- and the steps to overcome it. (The key to
giving sexual pleasure even if she is a tough nut to crack)

* Plus much more...


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"I have tried a few of the techniques and she just goes nuts every time! It kind of freaked me out, actually....lately she comments about how amazing I am and how much she loves our sex life." -- Kevin, Connecticut

"I did try some of the tips... and wow was I pleased how much they worked. I feel like I have this NEW power and confidence I didn't have before. It's kinda fun. I'm able to turn her on like never before...and she loves it."
-- Graham K, Texas

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